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          A Message from Freddie B, Owner of Master Trapper A Inner City 
        Wildlife Removal Service since 1994
  • Master Trapper, A Inner city wildlife removal service is a Nuisance wildlife removal service that's really speaks for itself. What I would like to say to you in short is that our headquarters is in Chicago and we are very familiar with the inner city problem with nuisance wildlife animals. Such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, skunks, bats, coyotes, etc. If you search it out some of these pest control companies, that do "wildlife work" claim to be based in Chicago, but they are really not. I can truly Say that my service was born in the city of Chicago and I was raised up in Chicago, and I have knowledge and experience of Chicago building structure. Whether it is a subway, sewage tunnels, skyscraper etc. we started in 1994. I am not a pest control company. I don't just do wildlife work, I'm a nuisance wildlife animal removal specialist.
  • I'm experienced in dealing with any animal, in any kind of hostile situation or environment. Whether it be in the city, suburban, country, residential, commercial, industrial, parks, golf courses, private property or land. it doesn't matter, big or small! We services all of Cook County and five surround counties.

  • 365 / 7 Days / and Holidays 
  • Emergency Services is available
  • So When You get Ready! ... Just Call Freddie! 
  • 312-437-6999 
  • 24 Hour phone Service
Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service
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Master Trapper Wildlife Removal Service of Chicago
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Welcome to the site of Master Trapper, By Freddie B. The Wildlife Removal Service That's based in Chicago, Illinois.

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